Advantages and Disadvantages of Single-Sex Class System

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


A Single-Sex Class System is a system where education is imparted by way of individuality i.e. male and female students are taught separately in a separate environment. This system of education is according to the law of Islam as Islam prohibits the interaction between male and female. Advantages and disadvantages of single sex class system are given below:-
1. Avoidance of negative thinking: A single-sex class system saves students from having negative thinking about the opposite sex because they have no interaction for each other. Avoidance of negative thinking puts a positive impact on their health and wealth. The positive thinking helps the single-sex class students becoming key figures of the society.
2. No jealousy and conflict: The single-sex class system saves students from jealousy and conflict because generally jealousy and conflict are created when the opposite sex is in the class-room. If there is no opposite gender, no jealousy and conflict are formed.
3. Confidence: The single-sex class system creates confidence amongst students as they are not feeling shyness seeing the opposite sex. They remain relaxed and express conveniently. Being single-sex students, they are closed friends of each other and tell their hearts’ feelings to one another.
4. More deliberation to Study: The single-sex class system plays an important role in deliberation to study as students pay more attention to their studies because there is no opposite sex in their class-rooms. They do not waste their time in undue talking and discussion.
5. Social Acceptance: The single-sex class system has vastly accepted in Islamic society as Islam prohibits the interaction between males and females. It emphasizes on specialized designing for the classrooms of female students.
1. Lack of Confidence: A single-sex class system does not enhance the confidence and manner to talk to the opposite sex because they have no interaction for each other. Due to the lack of confidence to talk to the opposite sex, both male and female face difficulties in their proactive life.
2. Lack of Brainstorming: A single-sex class system lacks the brainstorming because a considerable think-tank of the opposite sex is not available. On account of this, generally no brilliant idea or problem solving idea comes into picture as each individual sex thinks with different angles and lack of opposite sex does not give the positive results in the brainstorming.
3. Lack of Socialization: A single-sex class system lacks socialization that gives severe negative impact on social activities. Male and female are two wheels of life. Both are the integral parts of social activities. In some fields of life, males dominate and some other areas females dominate. Their interaction in social life is much beneficial for human beings.
4. Lack of Communication Skills: A communication skill is not enhanced where a single-sex class system exists. It creates problems in the long run because communication is forced to make, especially in the workplace where man and woman work together.
5. Lack of interaction in the real world: A student belonging to a single-sex class system is not in a position to face the challenges of the real world as they lack of confidence and communication skills that play an important role in the proactive life.

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