Problem of literacy rate in Pakistan!

(Irfan Amir, Karachi)

Literacy rate of Pakistan is very low as compared to other countries. Literacy rate of Pakistan has been declined from 60 percent to 58 percent, as revealed by the economic survey of Pakistan. Many factors act as the reasons behind this, for example, lack of government funds to educational institutions. In 2017-18, the budget that government has given or allocated for education is Rs. 902.7 billion. This is in fact low for a country like Pakistan. Other than this, the low income level of Pakistan is also another factor. Another contributing factor is the landlord culture and feudal system that is a major part in our society. In addition the other major reason is the curriculum, being taught in Pakistan’s educational institutes. It is not innovative according to our necessities and when students go abroad for higher education, they have to repeat the same course according to that country’s system of education. This is due to Pakistan’s low standard of education which might prove harmful for future. According to the education policies, there have been concerns regarding the need to reform education. But there has not been any implementation regarding them.

Especially in northern Pakistan, we have very few schools and colleges ,and the existing ones are in poor condition. Because of that, students have to move out to big cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. When they are getting admissions in private universities they have to pay huge amounts in order to get admission .

Hence there is a need to increase the number of government institutions, giving a standardized atmosphere of education so that students do not have to go towards private institutes. If a major amount of budget will spend on education, then the literacy level of Pakistan will be increased very soon.

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