The Sole Spokesman (Jinnah)

(Sami Halepota, Hyderabad)

25th December 1876 a person took birth in the subcontinent, which only founded a free country with the help of his typewriter. This independent country is known as Pakistan today and this person is known as Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. What Jinnah actually was? To know this let's see the old pages of History which is known as mystery. Is Jinnah made Pakistan only and only for Muslims with the help of his typewriter? Here I want to add one more thing about Quaid's saying that i had already mentioned above that Quaid only Made Pakistan with the help of his typewriter this phrase is explained by Renowned Historian of Pakistan Dr Mubarak Ali in one of his Book (Quaid A Azam: Kiya Thy aur Kiya Nhn Thy) and I am writing this phrase After my little bit research Still I might be wrong in writing this sentence, therefore I do not want Molestation with history Because many things about Jinnah have been written is only based on lie even in History. In the personality of Jinnah, he had all the qualities and attributes that led to politicians and historians to make a story of fiction stories therefore they made inappropriate myths about Jinnah which has nothing to do with reality. The main aspects of Jinnah's role were that he himself was Seclusionist and used to speak less and did not allow anyone to interfere with his private matters. Due to this characteristic of Jinnah's character, people thought that in every case Jinnah's opinion ends. The leaders of the Muslim League, in fact, recognized and accept his decisions without any argument and proof. For this reason, Jinnah has been called the Sole Spokesman of the Muslim League. French writer has written about Jinnah's disease dramatically in one his book (Freedom at Midnight). According to his Statement India Separation could be stopped if Lord Mountbatten, Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi were aware of this important secret in April 1947.This secret was so precious and protected even British CID which was world's best CID in those days was not aware about this secret. This Important secret was Jinnah's those X-ray Reports which confirmed Tuberculosis in his Body. If this story is corrected, then it means that Jinnah was the only the Person on whom the Muslim League and Pakistan movement was Dependent. The entire movement would end. If he was removed from the way, It is a fact that Jinnah has repeatedly expressed that he is the only person to brought Pakistan into existence and only because of him New state is finally came into existence. In this case, he often said that He and his typewriter have made Pakistan. He even was very unhappy with the leadership of Muslim league And near him all were disqualified and were not able to handle the country's phase. Perhaps this was the reason why Jinnah accepted Incomplete and Termite-Stricken Pakistan. This was proved true by the fact that after his death, this political leader have failed to resolve the country's problems from that time to this time. The failure of these leaders generated more impression over Jinnah's personality and the impression in the public that if Jinnah had lived more for a long time, then Pakistan wouldn't suffer from these conditions and sufferings. Jinnah’s personality in Pakistan has become a sign of wisdom and thought that because of which people believe that he had seen the vision was not fulfilled. But when his vision comes the differences start from what kind of Pakistan Actually he wanted to create? Did he wanted to see Pakistan as a Religious State or wanted to make it a Democratic and Secular State? Being a Student of History I put this remarkable question in front of you.

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