Child labour

(Nazneen, Gwadar)

It's the major problem that our country is facing due to which our country can't develop.

Our country, Pakistan ranks as 35th according to area but it holds the sixth position according to population due to which our country is still under development,still majority lacks education and much more. Because of such problems everyday we see many children's working and indulged in child labour. The biggest reason behind child labour is the poverty which has brought our country on critical level just because of poverty most population of our country send their children to work so that they can have something to eat as they can't afford to send their children to school because if their children will go to schools then they won't be able to have something which their children used to earn from their works.

Another reason behind the child labour is of course the lack of education the illiterate parents prefer to send their children to work rather then schools as their own selves are illiterate and are not aware about the importance of education which could make their life much more easier after their children head to their jobs.

Another reason responsible for child labour is that the companies hire children to work as they could save there money on labour charges child labour is the most hazardous thing to anyone's country,family or child. Child labour harms a child's physical as well as mental health.

Today's generation is tomorrow's future so how on Earth a country is supposed to get developed when it's future's mental and physical health is being harmed. A country is paralyzed if it's future is indulged in worst thing ever known as child labour.

I request to the honourable prime minister of Pakistan to take immediate steps against child labour and to make our beloved country a child labour free and developed country in world.

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