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"The most important thing is to enjoy your life _to be happy _ it's all that matter."

Life is essential thing for every human being. For me, Life is pleasure and to make others happy with my act. Life is too short that we should think to spend our life in delight, cheerful and helping others. Life take exams from us and sometime we pass those exams, but sometime we get frustrated and our moods started becoming swing. Life has so many beautiful colors, but it is only our way and perspective to watch from which point we are looking life. Most of the people do comparison with others, not happy with what they have, don't value beautiful relations. They didn't see them and make their life more complicated non less than hell. If life runs smoothly life become boring and unnatural. There should be some up and down and hurdles in everyone life so, we should enjoy those things, because if life runs smoothly without any hurdles and difficulties then it wouldn't be no enjoyment. If there is a student and for him exams and studies are hurdles and troublesome but in it there is some sort of enjoyment. Everyone has difficult perspective to live a life some likes to make smile on others face weather they have to do compromise on anything. For someone life means to connect every human with each other. So, Life is too short don't try to spend every minute of your life to spend fin fighting or uselessly do something make certain aim, do different explore. Find out the World do adventure the way you like. Don't take any action which snatch your all your internal peace with you, otherwise, it would be very difficult to live in the world.

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