( Pakistani ) A slap on the face of logic

(Amber Muneer, Karachi)

We Pakistanis are a different kind of human bread If you look around you will see that logic do not even try to come near us some people might disagree with me but u can prove what I am saying is true
So here is the list of things we say I do that defines our behavior individually or at a National level that defies logic in so many ways .I m not even remotely trying to be funny here
1.every household has a male dominant dictatorship yet we want democracy in our country.
2.munda ki karda ae ? Kuch nahi ? Viyah karado
3.jahez aik lanat hai AGR beti ki shadi ho tu
4 .garbage truck collecting garbage from one place and spreading it all over the city .
5.trafic wardens standing in heat dust and diesel smoke all day .let's make their uniform white .
6 .want to protest against load shedding ? Let's burn all those vehicle and offices that could help with fixing the problems .
7.we have a Kashmir day holiday you said ? Let's go and watch Bollywood movie .
8.to condemn violence let's create more violence
9. I hate america but once I get my degree I wanna go there and want to work there so I can bring back come dollars and help our economy
10 .so some one broke into your house while you were out of town ? Kindly give us the the description of thief ( first request to police after chae pani )
11.intelligence agencies warn us everytime before the blast and attack .well Thanks for the heads up I guess
12.suspend mobile service and taking extra precautionary measures on highly volatile days only means that government is not okay with people dying on that particular day .
13 .so it's you're leader brithday death anniversary tomorrow ? How about we shut down all the schools in the country just so this nation could be put a day behind from being educated so that may be one day they don't end up becoming what your "visionary" leader had envisaged.
I could go on and on miles of difference between logic and us my dodhwala is sick I dont want to write anymore because I write with my right hand and my left hand is hurting ( find a logic I dare you )


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