Addition of chinese language in course

(Wajeha SAher, Karachi)

Today I want to talk about the China and Pakistan's relation. As everyone of us clearly knows about the friendly relations between China and Pakistan. We all know that how many times China helped Pakistan in many ways. China always stood with us for the battle of our independance and walked with us with all the enthusiasm and friendly patriotic feelings. The China is always there for us in every step of Pakistan's life, so as the Pakistan for China. But now it's time to improve these relations between China and Pakistan to be more stronger in a meaningful and examlify way. For this the least but not the last option is the addition of the Chinese language into our course from the 9th standard of schools. It not only improves the relations in between but also the communication power between the two great nations of Pakistan and China. It also help us out to learn about the cultural, traditional and religious values of each other more clearly. It also helps to increase tourism rates. By this we can have an example to the world as the true friendly neighboring relations between the two.

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