Have a mercy on animals

(Zonish Muneer, Karachi)

Humans are humans but only by their names not by their actions. Humanity is rarely seen in humans nowadays. The best example of it is the miserable condition of zoos. To be human is to be sensitive towards every living object, but it is not applied to animals.

Being a superior creature, we need to take care of animals and birds. Animals and birds are brought here in this country with so much struggle, later they are ignored just like a dead body. They are not given proper meals and liveable environment.

In abroad animals are given their natural habitat. People who visit in zoos in Pakistan they torture animals. Before doing this things one should ask oneself that is it a gentleman act? Our religion asks to have mercy on animals.

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals."

A cruel person never takes care of animals. Animals are also the part of this society. We humans get many benefits from them.

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