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(Dr. Shakira Nandini, Oporto)

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For what reason is power not being made in our nation? In the urban areas that are fairly created, it is scarcely 15 .. 16 hours of power. The individuals who are normal estimated urban communities, there are 10 to 12 hours of hardship. For what reason is sand not being made of power regardless of this?

For what reason aren't we utilizing our assets? In the event that power isn't being made, power must be utilized viably on the off chance that it is constrained by robbery.

For what reason are several schools shut in our nation and whose staff likewise take pay rates however not go to class?

For what reason accomplish over half of our populace lose fundamental conveniences of life? For what reason are individuals living in the towns today with obliviousness?

For what reason are our youngsters compelled to move out of the nation for training and better assets? Furthermore, the individuals who don't have the assets to study are compelled to think about in madrassas where they are educated in the callings of false Islam, isolated into callings or compelled to end it all assaults. The madrassas in which we give philanthropy for remuneration with incredible energy are heated and sent. Do we realize what number of individuals are devastating us by giving it away for nothing? Whose kids are getting amplifiers and asking for assets in the lanes .. on transports and wagons. What are we educating them? Islam or asking?

Youth are the capital of any nation and the extent of youth in our nation is known as the Ideal Ratio. How are we utilizing this capital?

For what reason don't our whole nation's youngsters study a similar educational plan?

For what reason is the nature of training in government schools declining?

For what reason are tuition based schools not appropriately instructing and teaching youngsters with such overwhelming expenses? My Pakistani cousin, who is a Muslim, has been related with an instructive establishment for a long time, where a 1800 month to month expense paying kid does not compose the right Urdu or English in registration. It involves general learning that the books of the course are not all around instructed here. Just a couple of schools that offer better training have a month to month charge of 5,000, which is a long way from the working class.

In the United States, President Obama's kid and the regular man's youngster are concentrating a similar educational program (at that point you will say that I am contrasting them with them. Except if they are thought about, how would we recognize what is inside us)? What are the shortcomings?)

For what reason is so much common inclination found here?

For what reason is our country scattered instead of sorted out?

For what reason are our kin compelled to accept hush money and give?

Why power to take power? Is our nation on the way of advancement or decimation? Who can solicit the responses to thousands from such questions? Who is in charge of this?

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