Balance In Life

(Manzoor Alam, Karachi)

Balance in life is very important. We can assume it towards bank balance also, but the balance I am talking about today is far more important than bank balance. A cycle needs balance or it falls down, similarly a Ship, Aeroplane needs balance to reach to destination.

Allah created mountains to balance the earth. Allah created whole universe, and every object is working by maintaining their balance.

As human being, we need balance in our walk, in our talk, in our food and etc. If we sleep more than described amount of 8 hours, our body gets lazy and we feel more pain in our body, because of the balance is out. Similarly if we work more than regular habits, our body feels pain.

We can not eat more than our need, if we do, we feel stomach ache.

The point I want to make today by giving above example is, we people are really in need of balance in our lives, and in our society. When we get married, we give respect to our wife, but then why we lose respect of our Parents ? Similarly when we grow up, we make new friends and we enjoy their company, but at the same time why we balance out the respect point with our Parents ?

Another example : Our youngsters do funny stuff on bike, which is very dangerous not only for themselves but for other people who are sharing roads with these youngsters. Motorbike is required for use in life, it is not for stunts in live environment.
Please think...

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