Don’t Let Technology Get in to you

(Yamna Khan, karachi)

As technology one of the most important things now days, it is everywhere from the big stores to the local shop, technology makes the world function more efficiently in today’s world but technology abuse is a serious problem among youth it has become an addiction to them. Now teenagers spend most of their time just staring at their phones, tablet or laptop instead of observing the world around them. It is not unusual now to see a group seated together, texting furiously on their mobiles rather than talking to each other. The teens while surfing their phones they not even notice what is happening around them they just scroll down their screens and gazed it for hours, they not even think that they are spending their most precious time just scrolling down Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or more in this time they can do hundreds of things which would be useful to them.

It is very rare nowadays not to see teenagers using technology, the teens are too use too the technology now that they not even think their life without it even a minute. Everyday an average teenager spends up to 8 hours on electronic devices, which is more than 56 hours in one week. It is a research that technology has a negative impact on teenagers because it is an attention deficit, it can cause depression, cyber bullying, and it does harm to the physical health.

Many kids while doing homework have a phone, laptop, or even TV in front of them, which they are constantly using rather than doing homework they just answering a text, or looking at a computer screen, or even going back to watch the television, teens are not giving their full attention on their work so they are not doing their best work which they can give. Technology is an attention deficit because it makes it so kids don’t give their full attention to one activity. It is also scientifically proven that too much use of internet might put teens at risk for depression. In China the people who are addicted to technology more likely to be depressed after a nine-month period than those who did not addicted to technology.

Technology has a bad impact on our generation that it makes a person disabled or lazy, as they do all their works using these technologies which they can do it by themselves. Men, women, kids everyone wants that their works could be completed while sitting in their homes. For Example, now kids love to play games on mobiles, laptop or tablets instead of going out.

These are the unethical practices the youth are just abusing the technology instead of using this technology for wonders. The youth have to understand that they are future of the world; they can make this world and their future as bright as a button but for this they have to use this technology ethically for the betterment of our economy not for their entertainment or passing time. Like a well-known study has documented how the spread of mobile phones in the Indian state of Kerala enabled fishermen to arbitrage price differences across local markets, increasing their profits by 8% on average as a result. Kenya’s ubiquitous mobile banking service M-Pesa appears to have enabled poor women to move out of subsistence agriculture into non-farm businesses. New digital technologies have been playing an important role in transforming large-scale farming in Latin America and elsewhere. Big data, GPS, drones, and high-speed communication have enabled improved extension services; optimized irrigation and pesticide and fertilizer use; provided early-warning systems, and enabled better quality control and more efficient logistics and supply-chain management. These improvements raise farm productivity and facilitate diversification into non-traditional crops with higher returns.

Just like India if Pakistan also uses these technologies effectively then we can raise our economy and compete with others easily. Not even India technology is being spearheaded by North America, Western Europe, and Japan, they all are using the technology effectively and earning profit but why we are not doing the same? Why we are backward? Why we are addicted to it and not taking advantage of this opportunity? As technology is made to make their life easy and better not for getting addicted to it that you not even have time for yourself and for your family.

It is a fact that teens are so dependent on technology now, it seems that “technology is making people work not people are working on it”.

WRITTEN BY: Yamna Khan

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آپ کی رائے
It's very good! I agree with your point of view and realized how much do I use my laptop in a day!How relate-able it is to me! I loved it...well, your updates also should be like this, very long!!!!!!
By: Piyu, Mumbai on Oct, 12 2019
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Yes it's correct that now we are getting enslaved to technology... We are not using it properly to developed ourselves... We are just misusing technology...
By: Aliza khan, Karachi on Oct, 09 2019
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