How individuals solve society's problems

(Zubaida Rasheed, )

By reading this title people might think that this might not be possible and you might think that I'm just a mere individual how can i bring change? But changes do come and it is the people that bring change.

Admit it or not but all of us have thought about this once in our life, about bringing change but we left it at that and didn't try to take an initiative. And by taking an initiative i don't mean that you spend all your savings on building an orphanage but by taking an initiative i mean that try being a good citizen, help others, if you see someone who's littering on the street you could go and tell them to not litter and how they can also try and be a good citizen.

Changes don't happen in the blink of an eye,what people need to understand is that it takes time. Our society will definitely change and be a better place for us, for others and for our future generations and it is these small positive changes may it be change in our attitudes, changes in our routines, changes in our behaviors, changes in the way we treat others or may it be the changes in the way we think or live our lives. Little by little these changes will make our society a peaceful abode for all of us.

So let's make a pact that from this day onwards we will make a change starting with us and with the way we live. We could try using less water by opening slow tap or just by switching off the extra lights in our house or by following the law and traffic rules. We could save our and other's time by just following the traffic rules and going wrong way. More we can just simply cut down our habit of throwing wrappers and garbage on road. It's easy to throw wrappers from your car and we think that doesn't harm much but no that single wrapper may be that starting point of huge garbage. We also just try to settle dispute we see on the roads. Or just treat people politely that can also make things better it promotes humbleness in our society or is that too difficult to do?

As an individual we can't do all these, ask your self and try to be honest. And remember "change starts with you"


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keep up the good work!!!!!!
By: mahreen anwer, karachi on Oct, 09 2019
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