Dark complexion

(Yamna azmat, Karachi)

Our world is a beautiful place here we can find diversity and that’s how God created this. In this diverse world we can have different kind of skin colors. Some can have fair and some can have dark complexion. But it doesn’t mean the dark skin color has equivalence to ugly.

Dark complexion is not a sign of ugly. Infact, positively charachterstics and traits are attributed to those with lighter skin while those who posses darker complexions are frequently placed into Sterotypical categories and judge harshly by their physical appearance.

Black people, most of the time, will be thought of as “unattractive” because they are further from white ideals. This isn’t about personal physical, emotional, or sexual attraction, but the broader power structures that affect interpersonal relationships and social interactions.

Color prejudice is widespread and practiced openly across the society. Society believes skin color determines a person’s worth. In our culture, all virtues are associated with “fair” while anything dark has negative connotations. TV programmes , advertisements they all reinforce the idea that “fair is beautiful”

Our Advertisement campaigns are doing their best to brainwash this young generation into believing that "White is beautiful" and "Dark is ugly". We protest against that. Young brides in Pakistan spend thousands of rupees into getting their complexion as "White as possible". Girls with dusk complexion face discrimination in jobs ,schools and society in many ways. It increases insecurity and diminish confidence in them.Our idea is to promote that "Natural is beautiful" and God made us this way. There is no shame in being Dark. We could spend thousands of crore worth rupees in eradicating poverty and improving health of Pakistani citizens instead of emptying our pockets on "Fairness creams".

All around the world ,men and women with dark complexion face several difficulties. Specially when it comes to Pakistan.

Most dark-skinned women are still desperately trying to look fair. Some use makeup that is meant for lighter skinned women, choosing to look “whitewashed” rather than embracing their natural skin tone. Others use bleaching products just because In our society most of the people gets judged by their skin tone . If in our society a woman has dark complexion so it can be a problem for not her parents but also for relatives. Relatives used to taunt dark complex girls like how will she find a good husband, who will marry her, and guys used to refuse her marriage proposal just because of her dark complexion.

I blame the mindset behind our perceptions of beauty, where, for some odd reason, despite our "brown" genes, grandmothers and other female relatives in particular struggle to understand that being "fair" is not and should not be the goal. And that being dark is not a flaw.

It keeps pressuring women into thinking our skin colour is eventually the key to a better life. It has taught men that it is "fair" women who are more attractive. And it has taught society that such thinking is acceptable. But, it is not.

Sometimes even below the belt remarks are thrown away to girls by forgetting she has been created by the same God, who have created all of us. And everything made by God is unique and beautiful.

Throughout his life, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) worked toward ridding society of this tribal behaviors. He raised up people of all colors. Most notably, his famous African companion Bilal Ibn Rabah became the go-to person to make the call to prayer for all the Muslims in the land. He was a very beloved and close friend of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Additionally, the Prophet (peace be upon him) would help to free slaves and settle them with spouses of noble status to ensure their well-being.
In his oft-quoted final sermon, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) advises his companions and all the Muslims who were to come until the end of time. In a very famous excerpt, he addresses the issue of racism, saying:
“All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over a white – except by piety and good action.”

So Girls, be proud of what you have because , “THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREEN”

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