Happy Workers Make Successful Businesses

(Saman Anjum, karachi)

Key to successful business

Last night an old friend of mine called me out of the blue. We haven't talked for like years, before i received the call i have already guessed a thousand reason why she could call me. After the regular chit chat, she told me that she was looking for a new job. It was actually shocking for me to hear this as she have switched to this job just a few months ago.

After that I actually noticed that the company she works at posting jobs so frequently, they post the same vacancy for about every 3 months. Let me tell you, a company only posts frequently for 3 reasons:

When they are growing so fast that they need new employees every month.

Their current staff is unhappy with the company as fast as they join.

The management doesn't take their employees growth seriously and fire employees so that they can hire new ones for less salaries.

First point is a very positive thing and this only happens to the companies who take thier employees' growth as seriously as they take their own. When a employee is happy with his designation & salary and gets appreciated from his superiors on his good work, he tends to work with all what he got. And tries to improve his performance as much as he can. And the employee's performance directly reflects in the growth of company. Take companies like Google or Apple for example, the employees' working there are facilitated as much as they can and just look at the profits they produce. For the second point, the most common reason of an employee to be unhappy is toxic work environment which includes favoritism, over burdening the employee, less or no appreciation for good performance. If these factors exist in a company than it can never grow. These factors can be overcome by hiring some good workers on managerial level which are well aware of their work and know how to handle such problems. The third point seems quite unrealistic but trust me there are such companies who have this truly pathetic mind set. An employee whose working day & night for the company deserves to be treated with respect by the company and certainly shouldn't be taken like a tissue paper which you use and throw away. An experienced professional can do a tasks 2x faster than a new employee and can handle many issues which can saves companies from blunders.A new employee brings a fresh wive to the company, he is open to new idea and learning opportunities. Both have their own importance and cannot replace each other. So to conclude my point I have only one thing to say that the growth of company is directly proportional to the growth of an employee. If you respect your employees, your business will surely gonna grow.

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