Are we playing our part as a resident of this earth in combating climate change?

(Maha Anwer, )

The climate is changing rapidly and is in fact very real and mostly our fault. People should really get serious about this because if something isn’t done on time then we, as the residents of this planet will be the ones who will suffer the most. As the climate of the world is changing we are facing more high temperatures and frequent heat waves across the world, it’s causing longer and more damaging wildfires season, affect health and causing health problems like asthma to get worse it is causing flooding in the coastal areas and the list could go on. Instead of regretting later we could try in stopping climate change because we the ones who could help ourselves. We could take follow some simple steps which would help us to reduce toxic gases like carbon dioxide and save energy which would be very beneficial for us. Starting with the simplest step it’s as easy as changing a light bulb both figuratively and literally. By changing one regular light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb will save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.

Another simple thing we could do is plant a tree. Planting a tree will help our in more ways than we can think but most importantly a tree will absorb almost a ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime and this can help us a lot in the reduction of carbon dioxide which is the villain of our climate change story. In addition to that one more important and easy thing we could do is that we could recycle and reuse. We can save 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide per year by recycling just half of your household waste. Reducing and recycling help us reduce our carbon footprint as it takes far less energy to recycle old and used products than creating new ones. In addition to that we should avoid using products with a lot of packaging because we throw away the waste material in the garbage. And when this garbage is burnt it releases toxic gases such as methane and other greenhouse gases pollute the atmosphere which acts as a catalyst in climate change.

All of us use electronic devices but most of the time we leave them on even when we aren’t using them so shutting off electronic devices when they are not being used will save us thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide a year. You could also buy energy efficient appliances as they would use lesser energy that would help in emitting lesser carbon dioxide and would also help us to reduce our electricity bill.

One the most important thing that all of need to do is we could conserve water by using water carefully because water is such an important resource for us and wasting it is not a wise thing to do and it takes a lot of energy to clean water so that it becomes drinkable and usable for us. So it’s better to conserve water and not waste it so that energy is saved and less toxic gases are emitted.

And lastly we should spread awareness and educate people about global warming and its affect and how could they play their part in saving energy which will be beneficial for the Earth. We could tell our family members, relatives and neighbors about this because if people are aware then they are more likely to be careful about saving energy and will avoid doing things that may cause toxic gases to be released. These are some of the simple and easy things we can do to combat global warming. After all it’s our responsibility to take care of our planet so it can be a good place for us to live in and for our future generations to live in.

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