Pollution and Solution

(Samia Latif Chuhan, karachi)

Environmental pollution is one of the serious problems in most of the mega cities of the world, especially in developing countries, which not only experiences a rapid growth of population due to increasing rate of rural urban migration.It is likely to influence the health of human population is great.Study find that these kinds of population are not only seriously affecting the human by diseases and problems but also the animals and trees/ plants. Environmental pollution is one of the most life- threating problem on earth. If we talk about water pollution , which kills agricultural crops or produces food, water is dangerous to human and pollution of the sea which is caused by the pouring of sewage pipes , harm the marine organisms used by human in foods.

There is only one cause. Over Consumption. You wear a washed dress everyday, and increase consumption of detergents to wash these. After few use, the clothes are thrown away,thus demanding more and more production. Look at any aspects of life, we consume for more and more comfort. Unfortunately, the over-consumption issue is not being discussed at mass level, as it may effect the profitability of companies .Market does not want or reduce consumption . Markert just want to increase our guilt and make us force to buy more pollution reducing products. Have we not installed water purifiers, air purifiers in our home? Individually, I am doing something, you must be doing something, many others would be doing something but we are enough to create subtancial impact on environment. We are just a few. Most of the people laugh on our back.

“As far pollution is concerned , I often feel hopeless”

Every individual occurs certain responsibilities of maintaining few points such as not throwing garbage all around, growing trees, using public transport instead of their own etc. we must shun excessive consumption and avoid careless and deliberate disposal of post consumption waste resources which could otherwise be recycled and would led to pollution control.
Pollution cannot be reduced or controlled if a sense of responsibility towards our mother earth is not felt by all concerned.

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