A Divorced Daughter Is Better than a Dead Daughter

(Wajiha Sulemaan, )

Divorce can save people from a bad marriage.

In our society there are much higher rates of divorce due to dowry issues, misunderstandings between partners, domestic violence, mental and thinking gaps between partners, second marriage or affair of partner, forced marriage and joint family system etc. After divorce, women experience disproportionate declines in household income, and standard of living as well as sharp increases in the risk of poverty. Women may also face a higher risk of losing homeownership and falling down the housing ladder.

In many cases in our society, no matter what the reason is, women are always at fault for the divorce. Most women will get the blame for divorce while men are off the hook from any accusation or from being the topic of gossips. “You could not take care of your husband well, now look what happened.” “You were not enough for him and look what happened? He is now taken by another woman!” Women are still marginalized from society because of their status as a divorcee. Women bear the brunt of the negative side effects from divorce.
Men remarry and forget their responsibilities towards their kids. It’s quite easy for men to blame women. And the man goes away clean and moves on with the other woman. Woman left alone and our society look at a divorced woman with a no respect. Divorce also effects mental health, physical health, and psychological well being, social integration with friends and relatives. In this situation where she will go? She’s homeless and we don’t have an idea how much she suffered.

Their quality as a woman is lowered and she is considered the last option for men. But worse, women are seen as the reason for the marriage breakup. Although our religion has taught us something different, we need to learn how to respect each other, things need to be change now.

Divorce is not a defect it’s just another life event that comes up in life like marriage. We need to believe in it and stand strong .Our society needs to change a drastic mentally. Our religion allow us and give us an opportunity to take care of ourselves of our minds and our hearts that get destroyed in such marriages while trying to make it work .We pretend to be so broad minded yet are so closed minded. We need to strive to eliminate such awful perceptions in order to save countless number of girls suffering and compromising themselves for the sake of bad marriages.

If you're in a bad marriage, don't try to mend it – end it”

Because the impacts of unhappy marriages on health. Sometimes it’s better to walk away than to stay So, a big yes to DIVORCE LAW. Life is too short to suffer in an abusive relationship. Although it’s still considered a taboo for a daughter to walk away from a bad marriage, there is still time to realize that you can rectify the mistake done by many previous generations in our country 99 percent of women do not actually document such things because they know they do not have any backing and they are survivors of physical, mental and emotional abuse. Women’s parents should help her get a divorce and help her start her life anew. Don’t care about what society has to say about your daughter’s divorce. A girl should always know that her family is with her no matter what. She should know that if she suffers she has a way out .She should know that if her marriage doesn’t work she does not have to bear it forever, her parents and siblings will welcome her back with open arms .This is the confidence and backing every parent must give to their daughter .Its high time we boost our daughters and tell them we love them regardless of what future holds for them because A happy and a content daughter is the best kind-divorced, single or married. I wish we taught and encourage our daughters to happy in their own skin regardless of their marital status.

Unfortunately we live in a society where some parents says:
Listen, girl, if you marry a guy of your choice, all the consequences will be your responsibility then. We won’t take accountability to any of your conflicts and it would be totally up to you how you manage to settle your life, It is up to you if you marry that guy of your choice, we are giving you a free-will to marry whoever you want to. But remember don’t dare to come back home again.

Dear parents,
Your daughter is not a burden that you have unloaded on her husband and his family. She is your daughter for all eternity. Take responsibility for her life if she is going through a divorce phase. Bring her back, let her come home. Welcome her with open arms. Be her strength. Give her hope. Because if you don’t, the last emotion your drowning consciousness will experience before you depart from this world will be a blend of deep regret, unbearable guilt, and infinite shame. And in that moment of unimaginable despair you will realize.
When your daughter is going through separation and divorce she needs support from friends, professionals and specially from her family. Please welcome your daughters back from failed marriages because “A divorced daughter is better than a dead daughter”.


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آپ کی رائے
By: Zara, Lahore on Oct, 14 2019
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True story with great message
By: Rimsha Asif, karachi on Oct, 12 2019
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Very true.. agree
By: Amber, Karachi on Oct, 12 2019
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Amazingly written Thats sad but true reality of our society
By: Sidrah younus, Karachi on Oct, 11 2019
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