(Javeria Rasheed, Karachi)

“Dowry (Jahez) is not only a mare evil but it is the mother of many evils.....”

Dowry is the most talk about issue of the society.It is a blot on our faces with open eyes we see the cases of dowry in our family and don’t stop.It continues and it develops like a continuous fire in the family.People are obsessed with it.Yes truly, it is a typical Hindu custom that bride’s parents give an amount of money,jewelry,plots etc.Unfortunately dowry is even creeping into Muslims marriages.It is rising among Muslims.

Islam is the religion of peace doesn’t permits dowry.It does permit Maher which is the reverse of dowry.He has to pay certain amount to his wife so dowry is not a part of Islam but it is a common practice in Pakistan and this practice is destroying life of many girls.Many innocent lives have been lost due to this curse in our society.

Dowry has been existent in our society for centuries. Not only it is practiced by the illiterate people but the educated people of Pakistan are also involved in this unethical practice.The dowry system has exploited the women’s right and due to many women are unmarried and facing the social pressures. It is found that 95% of marriages in every region of Pakistan involves the transfer of dowry.In Pakistan there are 2000 dowry related deaths per year; and annual rates increasing 2.45 per year 100,000 women from dowry relate violence
If this system is brutal and even enough to be called a “curse” then why people of Pakistan are still promoting the act that motivates domestic violence,mental tortures and financial crises. Important steps to eradicate dowry :
• Educate your daughters.
• Encourage them to have their own career.
• Teach them to be independent and responsible.
• Teach them equally without any discrimination.

Hence education and independence is one powerful and valuable gift that you can give to your daughter.This will in turn help her to be financially sound and be a contributing member of the family, giving her respect and right status in the family so providing your daughter with a solid education, and encouraging her to pursue a career of her choices is the best dowry any parent can ever give their daughter.

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