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Motivation is all about goals, success, attitude, support and performance.

Helping students build self motivation skills. Every educator faces the same problem to motivate students. Student needs to be motivated in order to focus on the task they will accomplish. Every educator mind is full of questions about the students that why their grades are falling apart, why their mind is not attentive in lecture room.

In short when students see their action and voices are not only valued but also empowered, they begin to turn from motivation-free to motivation. For the desired results of instructors they should have to motivate the students like they have to appreciate the students for their work not only appreciation gives motivation for students sometimes motivation is found in punishments also.

It can be difficult to motivate lazy students with boring classes. Pedagogue should strive to fascinate their students. The more a student enjoys class, the more they will retain information. Students who are not motivated will not learn effectively. They won’t retain information, they won’t participate and some of them may even become disruptive.

To involve lazy students in lecture room pedagogue must have to encourage students, get them involved in lecture by asking questions and be creative by arranging some activities related to topic. As well as there are more basic functions of questioning in the lecture rooms is to develop interest and motivate students to become actively involved in lessons, critical thinking skills, to review learning and to stimulate students to pursue knowledge on their own and ask their own questions.

Retrieval of knowledge is an important aspect of embedding knowledge which shows the impact that regular quizzing can have on the retention of knowledge. As a result, lower cognitive questions play an important role in developing and embedding the core knowledge that students need to be able to successfully engage with higher cognitive questions. Pedagogue need to increase their use of higher cognitive questions, in order to stretch and challenge their students’ thinking. However, it is not to underestimate the value of lower cognitive questions.
Conclude my article with this quotation:
“All students can learn and succeed, but not in the same way and not in the same day.”

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