Doing CSR for the right people and at the right time

(Javeria yaqoob, Karachi)

As we know that CSR aims to ensure that companies conduct their business in a way that is ethical this means taking account of their social, economic and environmental impact, and consideration of human rights. By engaging in corporate social responsibility, the companies not only generating a favorable amount of profit but CSR also increasing their goodwill and spreading a good image in the market place. Corporate social responsibility is the activity or program that highly influence the consumer buying behavior. Consumers attract more towards the brand who are engaging in corporate social responsibility. But the question is…Are companies doing CSR for the right people or at the right place or not? We see many companies are doing CSR but their only purpose to do CSR is to generate more profit and build a strong goodwill in the society or in the marketplace. They are not more interested in the betterment of the society they are actually taking the advantage through the CSR they are just maintaining a good brand image. The companies are running by the society so it is their responsibility to do corporate social responsibility not only for the goodwill do it for the society, for the right people and at the right place. If the society won’t be healthy then who will buy their product how their companies will run. Just doing plantation, cleaning the roads and donating the amount in welfare trusts is not the real CSR .Yes! The companies should do these things as well but firstly they should concern about those people in the society who attempts suicide due to poverty, due to unemployment, due to unable to fulfill the basic needs of their family, unable to educate their children. There are number of people who attempts suicide because of these issues. There are number of people who died in sever disease just because they can’t afford the heavy expenses of their treatments. There are number of young boys who attempts suicide due to unemployment. There are number of areas who are suffering from unavailability of water at their homes their lives are so tough they are even deprived from the basic necessities of life. Welfare trusts are already getting donations from the various sources, plantation and the other things are no doubt very important but not more than the life of these people. According to the survey of 2017 the unemployment rate in Pakistan is 5.9%.The companies should do these things but firstly they must be concern about the serious issues. They should analyze who more deserves their donations, their CSR. Despite of this, the companies also use the ocean for waste disposal including the disposal of chemical and industrial wastes, radioactive wastes, trash munitions, sewage sludge, and contaminated dredged material that gives a negative impact on the marine environment. On the other side the combustion of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and other factory combustibles are one of the main reason of the air pollution. So, these are the very sever issues that companies are responsible for. Firstly, Companies should do their CSR to improve these damages that are highly harming or damaging the natural or marine environment. Because the real meaning of corporate social responsibility is to do something for the betterment of the society and do it at the right place.
Javeria Yaqoob,
Department of business Administration
Jinnah University For Women.

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