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Tax calculator 2019-2020 is available on the search engine. This calculator is very useful for tax collection and estimate the actual tax which will pay by the taxpayer. However, the income tax officers as well as income tax lawyer has been guided by the taxpayer. Annual tax return form is also available on website of Federal Board of Revenue to download. Annual tax return form is shown previous tax and total income of the taxpayer in a year. There is no restriction on taxpayer to take help by an income tax lawyer. Taxpayer himself filled the form and online submitted his actual wealth statement.

No government has taken pain to recycling tax system in Pakistan. That it will effect directly on economy of the state. This trend is worse effect on business community. There is no panic on the shoulder of business community that it would try to pay taxes. Hence, this government have taken effective step to collect tax from business community is become so difficult task. On the other hand, the price control management system is becomes totally fail in Pakistan. Thus, the merchants are doing business own wishes to sell goods in Pakistan. Recently, medicine prices have been increased by the pharmaceutical corporation.

Government has been imposed tax upon people to operate the economic circle to try to run the government machinery. Effective tax system is backbone for the economy of the state. Nevertheless, tax is also utilized for public development works. If tax money is using wrong way the entire effects is useless. Stealing of taxes from the business communities have been worst thing and it is also alarming situation. To eradicating tax stealing system in Pakistan and precaution measure should be adopted to stop this malpractice.

By and large, this government has been taken serious action against the tax defaulters. It is difficult and seen to be impossible in Pakistan but I hope that it will have more effective if continuous struggles in this regard. Probably, sense of honesty I seen in this government towards tax reforms.

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