#Stop Beggarization

(Ansa Qayyum, Karachi)

“Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn”
_Miguel de Cervantes

Begging is one of important growing issues of Pakistan which has not been taken into account seriously. They came from interior areas of all provinces of Pakistan and live on the road side and shows Pakistan’s bad image that Pakistan have a poverty rate. Their females all the household chores likewise making food, washing clothes etc on the footpath. We all better know the main roads situation in Karachi and they make it worst. Beside this, the females are lying on the footpath, without any shelter. Obviously all men are not equally ethical, some see them with lust and destroy the moral values.

In our society begging has traditionally been tolerated and even encouraged because that given them money to gain religious merits and earn sawab but we have forgotten that those people are professionals. According to the latest survey, large number of people living below the poverty line earning less than 5000 per month which makes it very difficult for a person to fulfill his needs. On the other side, a street beggar is earning more than a normal person and also it’s an easy source of income.
In the light of Hadith,
“Whoever asks [from] other than Allah deserves to be deprived.”

Beggarization creates poor image of the society and the begging mafia is just getting stronger day by day because no one has taken this issue seriously, neither law and enforcement agencies, government and NGO's. According to Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) research in Pakistan there are 1.2 million children are involved in begging in major cities. Their lives are being controlled by huge network of beggar mafia who also allots them their territory where they have to beg.

Government should take some initiatives like to change different workshops and skills programs so that they can really earn their future living in their hometowns. Job opportunities should be provided to the eligible people who really have skills and training. Public should discourage this illegal begging instead of encouraging it. There should be awareness programs against this begging mafia so that only deserving people could get aid.

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