Several lives sacrificed for dowry , stop this sacrilege.

(Ayesha Khalid, )

Every year 2000 women are killed in dowry issues. Countless stay single for their parents cannot Meet the need of dowry. A bride was made to drink acid by her in laws for she failed to bring the expected dowry. 22 year old bride murdered for not to bringing a bike in dowry. When prophet Muhammed SAW (PBUH) married Fatima (AS) to Ali (AS), he gave her 4 article as dowry according to some traditions . In other traditions it is stated that Fatima did not take any dowry and asked Allah to make forgiveness of her baba’s ummah for her dowry. In Islam dowry is basically the right seal that the husband is required to provide to the wife and not at all the luxurious spendings on a bride’s dowry. Allah says in the holy Quran chapter 4 surah nissa verse 4: and give the women (on marriage) their dower as a free gift; but if they of their own good pleasure remit any part of it to you, take it and enjoy it with good cheer. But this all religious. What is dowry and what is dowry stealing ? Whatever the bride and her parents happily decide to give to their daughter is dowry, A choice that is not an obligation. Dowry stealing on the other hand is the greed, the lust and the sense of entitlement over the bride’s property. To expect her to bring all the lavishness that you lack. To compare spending on a marriage to dowry stealing is like comparing choice of demand. These dowry demanding won’t help them to bring all lavishness in their lives, won’t help her family to eat or pay children’s fee but husband salary will. The ratio of dowry death is highest in Pakistan with 2.45 per 100000 which is much higher than India 1.4 per 100000. There are no substantial dowry law in Pakistan other than bridal gifts and marriage Function restriction act 2017 otherwise some other acts like 1976 which didn’t make any sense at all.
Now, the system has become a social evil. It has become extremely difficult to arrange a girl’s marriage without dowry. Dowry system has become one of the greatest social evils these days and hundreds of innocent lives have been lost. Even the educated parents expect their daughter-in-law to bring money and gifts from her family. They use dowry system as a short-cut to amass wealth. They torture someone else’s daughter without thinking that their own daughter might also meet the same fate.

About 95% of marriages have a dowry of some sort involved. Parents give their daughter a dowry but refuse to give their legal rights which is illegal and totally a sin. Parents should have to give confidence to their daughter and teach them to be independent and give them their rights to live their life independently. I just want to highlight the point that dowry is a toxic norm of the subcontinent although it has nothing to do with religion. It needs to stop. Several families are damaged emotionally, Mentally and financially due to dowry demanding. Not only that but several cases of women being burned, tortured, killed and treated inhumanly by their in-laws. This acts lead to murder. We have legislation in our country to stop giving and accepting dowry. The government should have to make proper law regarding to dowry issues and have to take quick action of these violence against women due to dowry. Its important to Realize the impact of such unnecessary and cruel traditions on the lives of not only one gender but everyone associated with them. All of us are, MEN and WOMEN, need to come together and put a stop to these norms.

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