(Muqadas Majeed, Kasur)

I dedicate this article to all the parents, teachers and students out there!

The process of learning and teaching is very old ; with the passage of time it got evolved and new strategies and programs were introduced. EXAMINATION SYSTEM made the whole education system more formal also, it became the criteria for evaluation of a person. Still, skills and the true knowledge were considered to be worthy ; people with second division but good communication and leadership skills were highly appreciated. Decades went by, schools, colleges and universities started giving admission to students on the basis of their marks only. The business of academies started growing by leaps and bounds.

Now, the more Cramers an academy produces , greater is it's fame and standard. Because of lack of proper counseling, students can see only two fields... Medical and Engineering. Pictures of flesh-less and seemingly lifeless faces are displayed on bill boards along with incredible marks in Matric and Intermediate; in order to attract parents and students towards that very institute. Everywhere, a large number of students can be seen who have secured 1070+ marks in Matric and Intermediate but they can't even tell about the purpose behind this hard work. Here, asking a Matric /Intermediate student about her/his aim of life is the most boring question because, you already know that the answer will be either doctor or engineer. Our students can not get out of the already made paradigms of society. They don't even know about the purpose of their lives but are working industriously for the sake of marks. We can see shallow PhD degree holders with exceptional academic record. Haven't they wasted those 18 years of their education? Students with fresh and creative minds are disdained for their average or less marks; this is a clear murder of creativity and innovation. Obviously, a nation which murders the creativity of its young citizens will always rely on the innovation brought by foreigners.

Moreover, our EDUCATION BUDGET has been cut down by current government. Many dreamers from lower middle class are going to kill their dreams or their dreams are going to kill them!

Unfortunately, our education system has turned into a 'MAFIA' who is responsible for the suicides committed by students because of pressure ; who has made PhD degree holders, roam around ; who has bent the backs of small children by the huge burden of their 12 kg bags; who has depressed so many students because of poor examination system!

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