Four Point of Success

(Luqman Ch, Rahim yar khan)

Four point of success

Today I am going to tell you that it is a four-point success and the first one is How to control your thoughts. Because your body completely depends on what you are you thinking For example if you are thinking about your family problem then you think how I get rid of family problem then you do something that's going inside your mind and then your feeling is converted into action. Control your thoughts about your friend and your family. Another example is if ample is if your child refuses to go school or he got the first position in class in both case your reaction is different in the first case you got angry and angry is a type of feel and your action is to be a slap on your child's face but in second case your you feel happy and bring some gifts for your child hence this phenomena is how to control your thoughts
And the second one is. Anything happens in your life you are responsible
I explain with an example. According to Bill Gates If you are born poor its not your mistake but if you die poor that's your mistake.
Similarly in the world, after the loss man realize that he was wrong because Because now the water has passed through the head
So it up to you whether you will change your life or destroy. Because after your parents the whole family depends on you. Think for a second during your education you are able to earn money and withdraw your expenditure from your struggle, Believe me, this will be the best moment for you and your family, but if you did nothing then anything happened you will be responsible.

And the third one is Are you ready to work hard? if yes then you will be getting success in your life. because no work is done without a struggle. We think that if we do struggle then we will be a success. We think if we do struggle then we will able to earn money, then our bicycle change into a motorbike and motorbike go car and so on.
And the fourth one is, Problems are the part of life. When you enter in new life or ready to do some extra work then all problems gathered around you, if you are facing this problem strongly then you will remove all the hurdles.

In the end, if we are able to understand what is the main agenda behind the four steps that we are talking about Success will kiss your feet.

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Excellent description. Well done Keep it up! brother.
By: shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi on Dec, 23 2019
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