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Streets dotted with garbage dumps have become a common sight in Karachi. Citizens and industries are producing waste and there is no proper disposal system for this waste. But, what role our government is playing in this regard? As this is the major question ruling in the heads of citizens of Karachi……Let me unveil the government measures for this disposal of waste presents on the streets of city. Since taking over waste management responsibilities from KMC in 2014, the PPP-led Sindh government has not been able to meet the challenge. More recently, outsourcing garbage disposal to contractors and Chinese companies has proven expensive and unsustainable. Governments find this field to yield visible results. In such a dire situation, the lack of ownership by city authorities has made situation worse for citizens. Speaking about this problem, Karachi mayor remarked that cleaning the city was responsibility of sindh government.

Making other authorities responsible in this issue is such a common”Blame-game” Now-a-days. Regrets on our municipal authority (DMCS: district municipal corporations) which are subordinate to sindh government has failed to overcome this dilemma. And this negligence is due to gargantuan solid waste management crisis, flawed governance plans, corruption and inadequately managed resources. Government authorities continue to govern through profit making arrangements with foreign companies rather than strengthen civic institutions. Being clear to above said situations shows negligence of government authorities towards the problem and it will be an eye-opener for voters who elect this government and found the government inefficient in resolving this issue.

The only solution to this garbage disposal crisis I have looked a way to overcome this issue as if municipal authority complemented with other city stake holders participation in making efforts to curb the city’s over flowing garbage this regretting issues will be overcome soon.

According to the famous proverb applying to this situation is “One in one is not one but eleven”- This indicates the joint efforts of citizen and authorities. Who are needed to overcome this hazardous problem of society as this mounting waste problem poses a threat to public health and environment. On the other hand; proper rules and regulations along with the regulatory council should be created for this issue. According to our Chief Minister: City has the facilities and resources to pickup this trash but the question arises why these resources are not properly utilized? Alas!!!! Our inefficient regularity authorities.

Well! By only hoping government authorities to only take steps on this problem and their solution is not going to work in my opinion. So, let’s wake up karachities and pay your part in this regard by restrain from littering on the roads and show your citizenships.


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