fall down of Administration in Pakistan- IV (last part)

(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

The use of lie is paying due-role for fall down of administration system in Pakistan. To be very frank, we observed that lie is speaks in the office premises in a common practice. This bad practice is prevailing in the entire system of business administration. Neither any authority tries to remove this particular practice from office premises. They are silent as spectators. Few officials are getting ulterior motives from their bosses through used of tongue techniques. Can you think that particular scenario it would be harmful to the administration system?

Official politics is a worst thing which is to do in the office premises. This trend is abolished the entire administration system. The healthy environment does not create until the official politics may not remove. There are various reasons behind on official politics. If the administrator of the public office may be given favor of few officials who may work for himself that it will have harmful to the entire system. That thing it will open the door of official politics in the premises.

The leg poling is not a new phenomenon in the office premises. This trend is being giving help to fall down of administration in Pakistan. Why is being leg poling prevailing in the office premises. Whereas, the social benefit, allowances, promotions, bones and tours has been award to the inefficient officials. It should have happen in smooth way. Therefore, it is creating professional jealously and brings into the mind of the official that it develop idea to snatch this increment or bonus from others. Bit biting is using to show himself is a devoted person, sincere and loyal in the front of officers. You quash the office environment through this practice.

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