Wipping out of human being from earth

(Maryam, Karachi)

There is no option of getting rid of nuclear weapons. They're here now and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. The best option, in my view would be to aim for a new agreement between the nuclear superpowers which restricts ownership and number of warheads to only Russia, China and the US. Any countries which try and develop their own programs should be sanctioned until their weapons programs become infeasible.

Besides the immediate destruction of cities by nuclear blasts, the potential aftermath of a nuclear war could involve firestorms, a nuclear winter, widespread radiation sickness from fallout, and/or the temporary loss of much modern technology due to electromagnetic pulses .probability of humanity being wiped out entirely by nuclear war is, for the time being, diminished. I personally believed that these nukes keep the world away from another world war because not any country wanted to wipe out from the world map imagine two countries like pakistan and india exchange their atoms bombs with each other not only trillions of the people will die but surely from Tehran to Washington every country influence by it , 40% of crops and the rain fall stops the world next 200 years of the world will face it's consequences . And next generation just born abnormal and die just with the effect of it ..may almighty Allah keeo world save from the nuclear war

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