Strategic Decisions and Economic development

(Naba Hashmi, )

Finance plays a crucial role in the establishment growth and sustainability of business. An industry requires huge amount of investment for running.

Industry provide employment to labor and educated class and economy of the state gets develop.

Banking sector
Investment management in bank is all about investment decisions and asset allocation .this means coming up with investment strategies and directing funds to property, equities or debt security on behalf of clients. Investment bankers by contrast are deal makers.

Strategic management accounting to support the strategic decision in organizations. Strategic decision usually involve long term decisions such as investment appraisal , the strategic planning , budgeting process and the use of activity based costing informations.

Strategic decisions in the light of surah Al-shura
Shuratic decision making practice for strategic and developmental plans and could also review existing decisions.

In Islamic perspective the empowerment means the shuratic decision making of all levels of the society. It applies collectively to the decision making on social matters. Such a cure of shura is closed to its meaning in the Quran: and who (conduct) their affairs by mutual consultation Quran (42,38:487). According to Quran “humanbeings should fully participate in decision making and implementation in their life”

A management Accountant plays a vital and dynamic role for the growth of economy .specialization of certificate of management accountant, long term financial planning, prepare budget and investment management for the organization.


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