(Dr Zahoor Ahmed Danish, Karachi)

The teacher is the prophet's profession. It is the profession upon which generations depend.so I will share with you about it .your attention will give you a good knowledge. No respect for the teacher today.
Ever wondered why this happened. The reason was that the teachers stopped teaching honestly.
Dear reader:
You feel bad. Sorry to say this is true. What is good is that we remove our weaknesses.Let me here .
I will give you a message by my experience .From last 12 year I me doing work as a teacher .I have teach in Bahria college ,media research institute and ect .
I will share in my own word.How many things important for teaching method.
I wrote bult for every one your can understand easily .
1. Good teachers have clear objectives.
2.Good teachers have a sense of purpose
3. Good teachers are able to live without immediate feedback
4. Good ssful teachers know when to listen to students and when to ignore them
5. Good teachers have a positive attitude
6. Good teachers expect their students to succeed
7. Good teachers have a sense of humor.
8. Good teachers use praise authentically
9. Good teachers know how to take risks
10. Good teachers are consistent
11. Good teachers are reflective
12. Good teachers seek out mentors of their own
13. Good teachers communicate with parents
14. Good teachers enjoy their work
15. Good teachers adapt to student needs
16. Good teachers welcome change in the classroom
17. Good teachers take time to explore new tools
18. Good teachers give their students emotional support
19. Good teachers are comfortable with the unknown
20. Good teachers are not threatened by parent advocacy
21. Good teachers bring fun into the classroom
22. Good teachers teach holistically
23. Good teachers never stop learning
24. Good teachers break out of the box
25. Good teachers are masters of their subject
I could also explain these things in detail.

I know you are capable people. The hint is enough for you.Try it in your teaching . Zahoor Danish very hopefull.Dear I feel

One of the reasons for our failure is our irrational education system. For the pleasure of Allah. I have given these points. I hope you will strive to be a good teacher.
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With this, we help the poor.

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آپ کی رائے
excellent description even excellent suggestions for teachers.
By: shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi on Dec, 23 2019
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