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Stop Bullying

Bullying is oppression or it’s an intention to sabotage someone’s status. By using the force someone to hurt, abuse an individual just to mock or harm.

Bullying is an inappropriate behavior of a negative mindset. The one who bullies others don’t have positive vibes for others. She/he is jealous of other’s status or bullies him/her just for the sake of his/her mental satisfaction. And by this, this behavior becomes one’s habit. The combative behavior of someone stimulates him/her to bully others.

People bully others mentally, physically or verbally. All the types are intense to harm someone’s condition because the one who is the victim of the bully started blaming him/herself for the reasons on which he/she is being bullied.

Verbal bullying is saying something pinching or mean to someone. It may include calling cheap or inferior names which someone doesn’t like, passing teasing or annoying comments, threaten or intimidate someone's status, Inappropriate sexual or harassing comments, or being judgmental about someone’s personal act.

Physical bullying is exerting power to hurt or harm somebody. Like kicking, punching, blowing, hitting, punishing, clouting, spitting, tripping or pushing in a manner to injure or hurt. Snatching and cracking one’s things. Making abusive, blunt or vulgar hand gestures are also bullying.

Social bullying is also very common. It includes crushing the turtle over someone’s status or reputation. Is also includes bullying on social sites, where people are just ready to fall one’s character without caring about honor or their fame. Social bullying is all about spreading rumors, gossips, and falsehood.

These entire things embarrass a person socially and sometimes this may lead a person towards isolation. Sometimes children also become victims of social bullying just because of their academic record or because of parent’s reputations. Bullying occurs at every place whether it is school, college, university or workplace or whether its public place or social media. It is becoming very popular, so there must be a rule or law to eliminate this curse from root because it leads the bullied person towards isolation which sometimes becomes physiological problem, and finally the person just wants to get rid of life.

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آپ کی رائے
Excellent selection of topic. Excellent description even choice of words is more attractive. Sister, well done. Keep it up. Excellent efforts to describe hidden problems of the society. All problems are common but no one arise voice.
By: shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi on Dec, 24 2019
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