You can Increase the number of 4,400 deaths, just by bullying other people

(Ahmed Salman, Karachi)

Joker was also the Victim of Bullying

According to the estimate, 4,400 people suicide every year just because of getting bullied.

Many kids report bullying to their parents and their teachers but most often their reports doesn’t get catered because they are just some kids. Adults have many problems and responsibilities to deal with so they ignore this kind of issues because they think it is just some children’s thing so their kids will learn to deal with it by themselves in later.
Parents or the guardians doesn’t realize the fact that the bullying is a serious issue to their kids and might leave a negative impact on their nature as well as the personalities of their kids for the rest of their lives.

Most of the time, they tell the kids to ignore the bully and be strong not to be afraid of that person, but little do they know? Your kid is telling you that so you can deal with this problem, if this was that easy, child wouldn’t even bother telling you about that with a fear, instead they might be feeling proud while telling you how did they tackle a bully today at school or at the neighborhood.

I, myself is a victim of bullying. Since I was a little kid, there were no person who haven’t made fun of me. Even my friends and my family members bullied me and humiliated like I had no value. Alhamdulillah since I was a kid I was a healthy chubby kid. Because of being healthy, I used to look older than my age that is the reason why people used to expect me to act wiser than my age and when I act as my age which is not their expectations, they made fun of me being an immature person.

I isolated myself from the other because I didn’t want anybody to make fun of me. That made me lose my confidence and self-esteem. I had no friends anywhere, schools, neighbor or any cousin. That led me to the anti-social realm where I can never imagine myself having a successful conversation with any other human being. Crying all night in the dark corner of the room and genuinely wishing for death, was one of my daily hobby.

I used to spent weeks sometime months without having a conversation with anyone and used to talk to myself 24/7 which made me suffer from Dysarthria, now, I cannot speak continuously without fumbling.

When I was 15 years old, I was taller and used to look older than my age group kids. It was a daily routine that right after the Namaz (Salah, Prayer) my neighborhood boys used to chase me and beat me up and I couldn’t do anything to protect myself.

But one day something happened which changed my life and my perspective completely.

Boys were chasing me after the Asar Namaz and I ran away and hid myself in nearby apartment stairs. I was sitting on the stairs and waiting for the boys to leave so that I could go back home safely. Then all of the sudden, an Elder guy showed up at the scene. He was being feeble and calmly stepping up the stairs. Because of the Kyphosis his height was small. Then when he gets close to me, he looked up and got stunned as well as terrified to see me, obviously because I was a tall unknown person hiding in his stairs.

He waited for a while as if I was going to make a move but I did not, so he asked me, “Boy, what are you doing here?”
I replied “Sir, boys were chasing me so they can beat me up, that’s why I’m hiding from them”,
Old man got bemused and stared at me from head to toes then eagerly asked me, “Son, who could beat a guy like you?”

This was the moment in my life when everything changes. I got stunned with his question and started to think, I am nothing but a coward, why would he say anything like this to the loser like me? The old man got me speechless and after the few seconds of silence he walked away.

After this incident, I went home and started to think about the words of that Old man. Then I realized the fact that, I might be a useless coward for myself but in other people’s perspective, I maybe more than what I think I am.

I started to look myself from other people’s eyes and start noticing the features of the people around me who used to get admired by the other people. I learned how to Walk, Talk, Sit, Eat, Face expressions, How to set my Body Posture, even how to Smile and many other basic things which I was supposed to learn at the young age.

Since then I have been working on my personality as well as my physical appearance. Every single day I learn something new and still try to adopt any positive action from others. Even joined the Gym to shape my body for the positive and confident posture.

Today, Alhamdulillah when the people (who met me when I was 15 years old) meet me today they do admire the changes which I brought in myself. I never been this much confident in my life about myself. I still do have haters or many people who dislike my existence but that doesn’t bother me anymore.

I once saw a Hollywood movie, in which a bully in the school, dragged the kid into the dark room and locked him inside so that the bully can hear the kid screaming and crying for mercy. The kid started to scream for help but when the kid heard the bully laughing and enjoying his pain, he stopped screaming and sat on the floor peacefully. When bully realized that the kid is not doing something bully wanted him to do then the bully got bored and left.

That kid took away the joy from the bully and saved himself. Bully might be physically strong, sometimes psychologically and sometimes financially strong but every time they only have one Moto in life, to see you losing or suffering or not to let you succeed more than them in life.

You already in pain, you already suffering through a lot if you just hold yourself up and think what your bully wants from you? You’ll figure that out eventually then do not let them get it out from you. Don’t let them enjoy your fear, your tears or your low self-esteem, get up fight back because you are the one who would save yourself.

If you can not find the Hero to save you, then make yourself a Hero!

Everyone is a Hero in their own life, you are the lead character and the hero of your movie. It’s up to you that how you going to act in your own movie. It’s not necessary that you have to win in every situation of your life to consider yourself a Hero because in movies, Hero always have to struggle and face the huge problems in order to achieve the ultimate goal which he always desired.

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