Marriage concept & Islamic Tradition -I

(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

Traditional social culture is prevailing in Islamic states. Social reform had been adopted in different Muslim Clip’s in their era even setup of the governments. Basically, Islam likes social reform in the societies that which is essential & beneficial for developing of human growth as well as their characteristics. But Islam does not like radical groups which are gradually prevailing in different sects. Whereas, marriage is a social obligation which is not mandatory but it is a Sunnah of all the prophets. However, it is crystal clear Islam is not radical nor the name of fundamental concept. Islam does not like modernism in his teachings.

Real Islam is only given by Muhammad (PBUH) and it is everlasting. There is neither amendment nor publication which is against the principle of Islam. There is specific in different sermons of first four Muslim Clips’ in their tenure. Basically, marriage is a social obligation in pure Islamic concept. However, it is a mind game to tolerate each other and accept error and beneficial elements of partners.

It is a social logical game. We have been observed in our daily life. Unfortunately, we forget basic ideology of marriage. This radical society is creating hurdles while anyone desire to marriages in his/her like partner. Life is become miserable even not tolerable each other. Our society is not an Islamic society. We are Muslims but we cannot adopt Islamic values in our lives in their letter & spirit. All irrelevant activities are absorbed in marriage systems which is become more miserable.

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