SOCIAL REFORM-II (Educational Sector)

(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

The concept of social reform is not new for the societies. Therefore, we know that social reform is essential for progressive societies. The social reform means generate new concept for development of societies. The basically, it is the duty of the all social scientist as well as social organizations. The social law is very important to know even everyone to learn and adhere as it. No one is violates social laws because it is mandatory to adhere. If anyone has not been adhering that’s mean breach of social obligations.


Pre-schooling concept is based on Rata System (memorized as even read) there is need to build up social reforms in the childhood level even elementary. There is much need to bring attention to the higher authorities to abolished old techniques of teaching methodology.

Pre-schooling is most crucial age of the children where they learn a lot from environment. Unfortunately, government has not taken such attention to enhance practical skills towards learning elementary level as higher secondary. They production of non-skillful students are useless to the state. I have analyzed, in the entire governments schools which are located on Islamabad sector based on old prevailing traditions. They also try to how to get marks in the examinations. But these institutions have produced nothing for this country. The government schools in higher secondary level are teaching Science subjects in ratio of 95% in the Islamabad sector. The arts subject is almost abolished by the Directorate of education from the government Schools. It is a big dilemma in our society. I amaze that no one raise any objection for this act. I have no words to feel to my impression. I also amaze that no response received from societies it should be vary painful indicator. It is very difficult situation which we facing now-a-days even neither saw before.

Those who have study Science Subjects in the Higher Secondary level they will have to choice Arts subject in Intermediate level. There is big phenomenon in our social societies. There is no analytical review of the student’s minds even their attitudes. No care about their taste of study neither look their aptitude or god gifted skills. The private institutions have only earned money. Education sector has been divided in various classifications in the same country. The becan House school system is prominent in private sector even higher level (O& A) level enhances the quality of education in western pattern.

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