To, A Pakistani Mother

(laiba khan, Lahore)

Assalam u Allicum,
I hope you are fine. It's hard to write to start this letter, i am confused while writing this but i wanna write it you. Ama you already know how much i love you and i care for you.
But I am not writing this letter to show how much you mean to me. I am writing this letter because what i feel about You not as my mother but as a women who You are or who You were back then.

Ama i am sorry for killing your dreams, you want to be a writer and study further but you don't get opportunity of what you want to be. I am sorry you never get time to write because back then in your parents place you don't have resources and after marriage you can't have time because you are mother of four kids.

Ama i wish you were aware of who You are? I am marking a question mark here because You lost the women you were or the women you want to be. I wish you were known about the Post Par tum Depression so you can help yourself losing in that phase. I wish i can fulfill your dreams. i know now you have time but you lost your dreams rising four kids. I wish i can return 1% of yourself which you lost in us.

Ama "Yourself Matter the most" always remember this. You are my superstar but what make me happy try to find the self which is lost. YOU
Ama Take care of YOURSELF. We will talk in our next letter.

Your's Daughter,

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