SOCIAL REFORM (Educational Sector-II)

(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

No mechanism has been adopted by the government to use the power of student’s to use ongoing job activities. In my opinion, the lack of implementation process in Pakistan which has been created hurdles to the development process. Government school system is far more concern to establish its own strength. It should be essential to establish one section in each school to monitor student’s activities and publish annual report about the curriculum activities. This report is also included various issues and facts which is facing by the faculty of teachers as well students. This report should be published in national news papers even it has sent to the legislative body to makes the laws.


In Pakistan the education sector is like a game in the hands of the administration. They have not hired talent scholars in the elementary level even higher secondary. The government schools are like a puppet show. No advance technology is using in the governments schools except few of them. The Educational administration is totally failure to launch new reforms, however they are adhere old technique neither improve the current situation even nor essence smooth working environment.

Only annual results would have been published but it is not enough for promotion of literacy in Pakistan. Therefore, it is necessary to published ratio of the students who have study in different fields in each sector. The aptitude test should be conducted by the department before entry into intermediate level. It is essential to introduce practical knowledge even skill oriental activities should prevailing in the course. In this regard, teacher should be trained with practical skills. It is far more concerned at the elementary level to check the taste or credibility of each student with multiple tests. It is necessary for the teacher to advice to the students for plan for study which is helpful in future life. It is dilemma of education sector that there is no check and balance even not proper guidance system prevailed in the societies. The parents are worry about their children then they trying to enhance potential of children to learn different techniques which is exceed exposure of the world that it will have effect in their future results.

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