(Dr Zahoor Ahmed Danish, Karachi)

We need a good teacher۔But we did not think we become a good student.So I will write here basic point and tips for everyone. People have short time.so here I will write tips and point to point thing to understand you.Read it and improve yourself.As a teacher I got experience that student are not take attention .Parents are thing thatThe teacher does some magicOur children will learn everything.Butits not true.It will possible then both are put their responsibility .
Dear student so me here and read my thought.Mehopefull you will be very happy and grow day by day .

Read as much as you can to expand your vocabulary.
Create mind maps of topics to help you learn new things.
Choose a quiet place to study without distractions.
stay positive.
Take short breaks from studying.
Read ahead and prepare questions for each class.
Do extra credit to further your understanding of a topic.
Study for quizzes and tests early.
Write small tests and quizzes for yourself.
before going to bed.
Keep a folder for each subject so you can easily pack and find things.
High-achieving students stay organized and motivated.
Take notes and ask questions to stay engaged in class۔
Avoid distractions in class.
Review your notes when you have free time.
Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep.
Eat well to feed your body and mind.
Do your homework as soon as possible.
Turn in your assignments on time.
Set homework goals and reward yourself for completing them.
Ask a friend or family member to check your work.
Write everything down
Create a rough weekly schedule
Exercise regularly
Be organized
Break big tasks into smaller ones
Manage your thoughts and emotions
Give yourself rewards
Manage your stress
Develop a sense of purpose
My Dear reader and dear students.what,s your think about it?

I wish you all the best.Because your goodness gives me so much comfort.Dr Zahoor Ahmed Danish Always wants to see you succeed.
I know you are capable people. The hint is enough for you.

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