Resettlement made impossible for Refugee journalist.

(Syed Ihtisham, )

With a broken heart I am writing these lines. Thinking about a person who has been declared as a bonafide refugee by the United Nations High commission on refugees in Malaysia but this Muslim journalist of Pakistani origin is still struggling to resettle. Losing nine precious years of his youth, this journalist is in the hope of starting a fresh life. The case of this journalist hailing from Peshawar Pakistan has been forwarded to Resettlement Support Centre (RSC) by UNHCR Malaysia and was further sent to United States Refugees Admission Program (USRAP) but even after a lapse of three and half year this poor soul has yet to receive any tangible reply from these offices. In the hope of a reply, this journalist has not even started his matrimonial life. Interestingly hundreds of persons declared as refugees in Malaysia and Thailand have been resettled in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and other European countries who were far junior to him by case but only this journalist has been left at lurch at this critical juncture of his life. There seems a clear cut violation of his rights by USRAP but whom to blame for it. This journalist has now been faced with different psychological issues as despite sending many reminders to UNHCR, USRAP, RSC, Department of Homeland security, International Rescue Committee and different humanitarian and journalist bodies, he has not received any positive response from any quarter. All have turned a deaf ear to his appeal. The case of this refugee journalist has been highlighted by Malaysian media on number of occasions but in vain. According to him not deciding a settlement matter for over three years show some sort of vendetta against him. He even sent many applications to US ambassador at Kuala Lumpur Miss Kamala Shirin Lakhdhir but still he has to wait for their official response. He has asked whether he is being punished for being a Muslim or someone is enjoying the pleasure of my miserable condition. Are there any complications in my case or some big UFO mystery which is not being solved by the U.S authorities. According to him he has lost faith in all those countries and organisations who always champion the cause of human rights. They are limited to lip service instead of taking practical steps. There seems a bias in my case. This journalist showed his dismay as he is not desirous of getting resettlement in a foreign but going back to his native country is nothing less than committing a suicide. He was compelled to flee as life was getting miserable in his homeland. Getting resettled in a foreign country was the only option left to him. Whenever he approaches UNHCR authorities they show him cases older than his case but when asked about cases far junior to him then there is a complete silence. All the so-called international organisations like Human Rights Watch, Refugees Council, international refugees organisation, Help Refugees, Asylum seekers resource Centre, Refugees Action, Committee to Protect journalists, International federation for journalists and reporters without Borders are active only on Twitter. These organisations hold seminars in five star hotels where participants leave after having lavish meals with zero output. They are happy by issuing press statements instead of some formidable action. This journalist in utter despair said will I have to wait for death to end my problems as my fingers are jammed due to excessive writing of appeals to these world organisations. Is a homeless and helpless journalist has to offer his life as a price of writing truth against the powerful cartels and mafia in his native country. Will he never be allowed to lead a peaceful and respectable life. Its a big question mark for USRAP, UNHCR, IRC, IOM and other International organisations.

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