Patience :road to peace

(Bukhtawar sultan, Sargodha)

Patience and revenge are twin daughters of "lost honour " but both sisters are entirely different both in appearance and GBin approach . Apparently,Patience seems to be cool and calm and she tend to deal with situationscool headly. Whereas, revenge is very much like a ADHD child, who is always eagerto attack first and think afterwards.To elucidate this that me tell you a story, once there was a young, energetic but a badmouth man named Hunzla, who belong to a very rich family.

One day he was on his usual walk, when he encounter a poor and ordinary looking girl, Sana, who was with her class fellow waiting for their college bus. Being badmouth, he passed derogatory remarks about Sana and everyone in the surrounding starts laughing without comprehending that they are not only humanilating a poor girl but also encourging Hunzla to continue with his bad habits.
Though, Sana was badly hurt and wants to blow Hunzla face but she remained calm and deadpan in her expressions and emotions. She look at Hunzla than towards people standing in that mileu and remained silent as if she was standing among dummies or she by herself was a dummy.

But silence was broke by her class fellow, who start prompting Sana to give befitted response.

being docile and sage Sana turned down her friend idea, and said "I do appreciate your concern friend but does that makes any difference ".

on this, her friend yelp and said "yes it will, at least he won't dare to repeat this behaviour "..Sana , "I bet he will continue with this behaviour, you know why ?.....Because it's our environment and people, who is supporting and will keep supporting his behavior "

Friend "you are right, but don't you think Syour silence and ignorance is also supporting his behavior"...

Sana, "yes apparently it is, but sometime silence is best policy, specially when you are in public or when manipulator is around us. And If you are thinking that something is bothering me than you are wrong.
Actually, I beilef in patience rather revenge, you know why? Because sense of revenge, never give back the lost grace and respect rather it's contemplate the soul and mind and I will never want that."

Friend, patience........? I don't think withdrawal is a good attitude friend because such submissive behaviour, promote other to get more powerful  Saba, " I didn't say to step back, I only said patience hold an important role in my psyche , and you know patience is not about withdrawing rather patience means wait for a good time for some things good, patience means forgive, forget and enjoy with peace".

Whereas, for me revenge means, jostling against wall for nothing, revenge and resentment brings nothing except hatred, mental turbulance and exchuastion.

Friend, "and what do you think, would this patience will be able to heal the wound you got on your dignity and respect?

Sana, yes it will and I m sure about. As I said patience is waiting for best to come, patience is like watching half moon till its turn full.

It's what our religion and collective consciousness has taught us " just watch, Karama will play the part" and you will see this, in future InshaAllah

So I think, it's enough for today and remember always prefer patience our revenge and safe your soul from endless cyclone of negativity and exhausting

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