Case study (Benefits and disadvantages of use of ICT )

(Naik Bano, Gilgit/Rawelpindi)

Case Study:
My Nephew Abiyan
From the very young age when the kid was only 4 years old he had access to laptop. His mother being a working women could not stay at home with him so she let the kid play with the laptop. She would play him animated cartoons and games at times. The result was the kid learned the language extremely quickly. He could make sense of things at his own. His curiosity to mimic the characters and repeat their dialogues helped him to improve his observation and communication skills. He has become more confident with age. Today he is only 10 years old but he can speak English with utmost confidence and his accent is amazing. It is quite surprising to see him bloom and explore things at his own. He loves to play round mobiles, laptops and gadgets. His capacity to learn these technological tools is advanced. The knowledge of science usually broadcasted via television has helped him understand physics of nature and mathematical calculations. His knowledge about the earliest species including Dinosaurs is simply outstanding. So in a nutshell the ICT’s have played an enormous role in his upbringing.

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آپ کی رائے
excellent effort to describe this topic. well done. keep it up
By: shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi on Jan, 06 2020
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