(Dr Zahoor Ahmed Danish, Karachi)

We learn that who is neighbor?
a person who lives near another.
a person or thing that is near another.
one's fellow human being.
We are social animal.Every person connect with others .Nobody can lead at the path of life alone here.I feel that I write about this important topic .Because our neighbor is our power our protection.So take attention here.
()….Once you have moved into your new place, make an effort to introduce yourself to your neighbours. Being friendly helps you to build a trusting and respectful relationship.
()….Your relationship with your neighbours can be affected by how your home looks, inside and outside.
1. ()….Introduce yourself. Once you have moved into your new place, make an effort to introduce yourself to your neighbours.
2. Keep your place clean.
3. Be considerate of neighbours. ...
4. Obey parking laws.
5. Keep noise down. ...
6. Handle problems maturely
7. Maintain and clean any shared spaces.
8. Care for your own yard and garden.
9. Put your trash out at the right time and day.
10. Follow your area’s noise regulations.
Here an other things which are important for society and your neighbor.So put your contribution for your city and your country .I will raise some question to you.Think about it.
Do your neighbors a favor when possible?
I hope you are greate and you will do better for others.

Attend and host neighborhood events and associations.
Deal with any problems face to face.
Communicate with your neighbor.
Be aware of your surroundings, as well as theirs.
Be nice to your new neighbors- When someone new is moving next to you,welcome them.
Remember people and their names.
Be available and say yes when you can.
I am Dr Zahoor Ahmed Danish always like your good and success life so by my own words and experience .I think its my duty to educate and informed you what is good and what is bad only only and only for you meaning full life .
Best wishes to you. Remember me dua.

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