Social Animals are feedback Responsive-Spread of Goodness & Evils is now up to us

(Muhammad Afaq Khalid, Multan)

Human is the most superior species in the world, they live in a society in interactive ways. Interaction with new peoples, new technologies & even with animals develops our attitude. Some peoples are jolly & some are bitter, when we meat, conversate with someone we exchange our thoughts sometimes this process makes us happy & seldom we feel board. If we observe this whole process, when we communicate with others we are sharing our energies. If our energy is positive listener feels happy & if we have negative emotions like thefts, abuses, etc., it transmits negative waves ultimately conflict arise eg. Saying “ I am good” feels more positive than saying “I am not bad”

Likewise, our attitude becomes negative when unconsciously when we are living with negative peoples, unknowingly we learn how to hate & how to injure others by words. According to my, the only reason for the spread of evils in our society is ambassadors of good are dormant now a day. We as a whole nation become silent, we are not discouraging evils & bad activities. Even we don’t bother considering them bad in mind. We should discourage all antisocial activities otherwise one day it will be part of our personality due to its high penetration

Not only discouraging can bring positive change in our society but also we should appreciate if someone is contributing to the growth & development irrespective of his caste or religion. From the last decade, the fast growth of technology busy life family & financial issues put humanity into the miserable conditions we are too busy that we even have no time to say thanks to our hero’s we should acknowledge the sacrifices of those who are helping us day & day out.

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