Society with technology

(Rana Amir Roy, Mianwali)

Rana Amir Roy

Modern time has brought many global changes and these changes directly have effect on the world … Technology with all its advantages have also some negative points….
As far as the developed world's idea is concerned it s quite good to see but when it comes to count the negativity of modern technology we can see all the effects….
The people today have lost their senses, kindness, love, affection, Thinking ability as well….
Time has become a ruthless and brutal kind of a thing...and with the passage of time all the negative effects of technology are on the scene…
The first thing is that because of excessive use of technology people have lost their affection in blood relations..blood relations are of no importance for the modern man...Money is the only morality here to survive in the world….
I m not saying that technolgy is the only cause but it is quite clear to see what the technolgy has brought to us…
The second thing is the kindness, people today are more kind of a busy bee...they have no time, alot of worries, under pressure and always thinking about what will he be in future..
It means the over thought of future has soaked the joy of life, no spare time to enjoy the life…
Simple thing is you enter into the world for a reason and the reason is quite clear to all of us ..
We are here to enjoy to know to learn and to live...but today the idea for survival has been changed by us ...the new idea is to think about future, to worry, to be like a robot, to stop working for feelings and emotions..
In short i want to say that we should be looking forward to use the technology for our benefits and its use should be limited …
Youth should be limited while using the technology especially social media like facebook, insta, whatsapp, twitter etc…
They use these social apps over and over….which cuase effects on their mental as well as physical health...the use of technology no doubt effects our health ….💀☠
So we all should try to be humans not the robots😉

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