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The word philosophy is drive from latin word phileo mean Love and Sophia mean Wisdom. The actual meaning of philosophy is “love of wisdom” that it will relates word education. Love to get education with wisdom. Should use of wisdom while you have been getting education. It will further enhance to use love of wisdom for getting the purpose of education. The definition of philosophy has been described by many writers with passage of time that their own sense of humor even realized the depth of the subject matter. The subject of philosophy of education is related to the development of the human growth even mentally & physically. The growth of the human does not accomplish without education. That thing it will enhance skills even it is creating healthy competition. Moreover, it is an art to learning practical techniques especially who learns to strength their skill with passage of time even growing their mental capacity.

Curriculum activity has re-energized to the students to increase their knowledge with pace. Over and above, the healthy environment has been increased competition among the students to learn from other attitudes. Those things it will have effected on each student to handle difficulties with patience even passing their lives with clam even bear unhealthy activities which are prevailing in the surrounding. To be supposed if education is not creating mentally as well as physical strength that type of study is harmful. There is no need to complete it. The philosophy of education is very vast. There are various categories to describe it. Thus, however, it must be essential to the learners to adhere rule & regulation in early age. Education is open the mind of the people to growing their potential to exposure with other. Interaction is like an injunction to get-rid of impatience. No matter what other thinks? So it is very important to sort-out knowledge which is in your mind what type of learning would helpful in future from institutions which you have study.

By and large, fascist philosophy has produce egoist nation. That it is the main point.
Ego satisfaction criteria should be abolished at anywhere. Anyhow, whatever like or dislike, should always concentrate upon your Object or target. Similar things may separate in which you face confusion and it will try to be memorized. Thus, it is very important step to reduce mistakes which it will help in future prospect. In spite of all this, philosophy of education provides you to enhance knowledge even help of wisdom to service to the humanity.

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