Say No To Harassment

(Muqadas Majeed, Kasur)

According to Federal Cyber Crime Cell Pakistan, the ratio of harassment cases is increasing day by day. There are multiple reasons behind this and one of them is our unrealistic expectations. People especially young girls tend to develop trust on others on the basis of their SEEN image in society. It's a fact that most of the people keep on wearing several masks on their faces in order to hide their wildness from others and present an artificial image. Because of less exposure, girls and women don't have the complete idea of the bitter realities behind the over-sympathy from men. Women get harassed by their bosses, colleagues and relatives. Sometimes, girls get harassed by their fellows, relatives and even by the teachers. We cannot affiliate all of these characters with the concept of being SACRED similarly, we cannot declare the slogans against any of these characters to be PROFANE. Yes, relatives might harass ; boss might harass; colleagues might harass; fellows might harass and teachers too might be among the predators. LET'S TEACH REALITY TO OUR DAUGHTERS. LET'S TEACH THEM NOT TO LIVE IN A FOOLISH PARADISE. LET'S STAND AGAINST THIS CURSE!
(Muqadas Majeed)

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