Mrere Pass Tum ho.. Blown Up Character.. Next Generation

(Faran Siddiqui, Karachi)

If we focus bit the Darama "Mere Pass Tum ho" I never said a useless material..

We should never appreciate the writer as what he suppose that he got vibes from the sky ... That is an entirely different thing, can happen with Auliya Allah..
Drama was devil base story only.
U see once a DANISH having fear of Allah & does return the bribe b.coz his father brought him up on Halal source of income.

Then how he can ignore a Dirty or Na..pak Mehwish who spent a night with a stranger. Beyond the boundaries advise by Allah.
Why he said to her, forget what u did..

We will start a new life since tomorrow... ridiculous...
Non-sense concept

Is Danish suppose himself as God that moments?? Maz Allah

Where was his taught that
Allah never forgives ...who makes companion with him as that moments...why
Danish sat Mehwish at the backside of the bike seat ... Why he brought her at home as Na. Pak body..

Why his faith awoken in the last episode not let her allowed to touch

This story must be ended there at the Airport once he caught her REDhanded.

Climax... Pathetic.. Or senseless...
A women who spent the night with a stranger.... Must be "Sungsar" or to be punished.
Being a part of Muslim, Why society let her free after a biggest sin.

What culture we are promoting in our society...for the upcoming generation?

What impression writer wanna given to Muslim Society???

Khalil..... it's a devil spiritual knowledge ...comes towards you from top... Never from sky
Correct your knowledge, please!

Faran Siddiqui

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