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Movie: 1917

Director: Sam Mendes, Writer: Sam Mendes Krysty Wilson-Cairns

Genre: Drama and War

Won 19 awards including Academy, Golden Globe and Oscar

Leading Actors: Dean Charles chapman as Lance Corp Blake, George MacKay as Lance Corp Schofield, Benedict Cumberbatch as Colonel Mackenzie, Colin Firth as General Erinmore, Mark Strong as Capt. Smith, Adrian Scarborough as Major Hepburn

5 production houses play their part as its production companies

Review: this movie is based on World War I, during that time lance Corp Blake and Lance Corp Schofield was ordered to take the message to Colonel Mckennzie commanding regiment far from their regiment that could potentially save 1,600 of their fellow comrades -- including Blake's own brother, crossing different enemies' territories , during their this journey Lance Corp got injured and died , where Lance Corp Schofield met Captain Smith who helped him to get soon to Mckennzie’s Regiment on their way the bridge was broken so Schofield had to move by own so Captain Smith warn him on the way that may Mackenzie didn’t fulfill the order so he have to kill him by his own self and wished him luck and moved on. There was one of the German Solder hidden who open fired on him in return he killed him and got injured after escaping from their he met German lady (Lauri) who helped him by directing the way to escape from that German occupied area. While running from that area he jumped into river and successfully escaped from Germans at some distance he let to river bank where he heard sound of singing and he followed that sound and found mate solders of that Mckennzie’s Regiment he told them to stop that war latterly came to know that they were second company of that regiment , not involved in war field so he make is way and ran to Col. Mckennzie, during which Germans start doing attack and bombing, Schofield making his way out of trench lead to Col. Mckennzie and same as Smith warned him Col. refused to stop, but when Lance Corp. Schofield told that, it’s the plan of Germans to trap for long duration war he came to know and read out that letter of order and called back their soldiers to help out injured soldiers so after that Schofield felt relief on which major Hepburn give him compliment and he asked Major Hepburn about Blake’s Brother lieutenant Joseph Blake, Maj. Hepburn told him that he was with 1st company ,so Schofield can find him in injured soldiers or maybe he is dead after that Lance Corp Schofield went in search of Joseph Blake and he found him with injured solders but as commandant so he intro himself and told him that his brother Lance Corp Blake died and ask Joseph if he permits to write to his mother about them and condemn for joseph’s loss. And went to rest and got relief from this war situation.

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