Blackhole: The reason behind climate change

(Malik Suleman Naseem, Islamabad)

Climate Changing made a great impact on our environment, climate change include increases in global surface temperature (global warming), changes in rainfall patterns, and changes in the frequency of extreme weather events like snowfall and raining on the deserts, flooding in the different regions around the globe, intense heat and coldness in seasons rings the bell of something that will happen more verse in the future

According to the International Panel on climate change (IPCC) forecasts a temperature rise of 2.5 to 10 degree Fahrenheit in summer over the next century and on the other side of the curtain, extremely low temperature in winter with respect to the previous years are notable.

The causal factor behind this climate change are both human practices as well as some natural influences.

Human activities that cause damage (either directly or indirectly) to the environment on a global scale include human reproduction, overconsumption and overexploitation of natural resources, environmental pollution, deforestation, excessive use of fossil fuels emit greenhouse gas, these gases traps heat and puts a great impact on environmental conditions, these activities rises the temperature which cause melting of icebergs and which in turn disturbs the water cycle which leads to the rainfall in the unexpected region and also flooding in different regions around the globe.

Human activities can be undermined by strict government policies but if we talk about natural phenomena it can’t be controlled. Natural phenomena somehow disturb the climatic condition in more than the worst aspects and as a result, these effects are pushing our earth towards the end of the world. As I am a biotechnologist, not a physicist but many studies reveal black hole “A hole with a strong gravity”. Stop and start to think about why our planetary model became more ovule rather than being in its traditional shape which is circular. According to me, the answer lies under the presence of black Hole, as the strong gravitational force of the black hole is pushing everything towards its center. The change in the shape of orbitals influences the phenomenon of decreasing the space between earth and sun. now this less space between earth and sun results in intense heat in summer and in winter when the earth rotates on the side of orbital which is far away from the earth due to oval shape results in intense cold, the weather becomes more and more severe with respect to past decades. In my view, the earth and all other planets will fall in the sun very soon!

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آپ کی رائے
I am a physicist and I would like to tell you to do some more research....the concepts you mentioned above need correction: the earth is closer to the sun in winters and far from the sun in summers , it is the angle of incidence sun rays, due to the tilt in earth at that point of orbit around the sun, which makes the summertime hot while winters cold. While the black hole concept is entirely wrong in relation to climate change.
By: Muntaha, Lahore on Apr, 09 2020
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Incredible Knowledge
By: Nimra Tariq, Saudia Arabia on Mar, 05 2020
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Incredible Concept, Waiting For Your Next Article Suleman
By: John Mathew, Maryland on Feb, 28 2020
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