Importance of Liking and LovingTowards Inspiring Close Relationships

(Aiman Amjad, )

We develop close relationships with ourfellow juman beings to get social support for fulfilling our social needs. These relationships include approval, assistance, advice and comfort. Close relationships are based on loving, caring, commitment and intimacy, those are determined by biological, evolutionary, and cultural factors. For having a long term and close relationship, it is very important to give value and time to each other.

Interpersonal attraction is a key term that involves in the process of loving or liking someone.This includes the strength of our liking or loving for any other person. Physical attractiveness:is theprior determinant in intial encounters to make close relations for individuals. Researches revealed that, people select theirpartners by having prior focus on physical attractiveness. Researchers suggest that, attractive people are also having the characteristics of sociability, nobility, altruistic and intelligence as compare to less-attractive people. People who are physically more beautiful has the more chance to build close affiliations with their partners. The concept of ‘Symmetry’ in physical features also rated very high in terms of faces and whole body outlook. Some other important determinants of attractiveness are healthy skin, good teeth, smiling expressions and good grooming. The features of attractiveness also differ culture to culture, like in one culture a particular attractive feature is consider a beauty and in some other culture in might not be consider the symbol of beauty. The preference of body features also had changed over the time, like in western world, since last 50 years the athletic andmasculine looks of women is having the preference in the movies.

Attractiveness is so important while making close relationships because, people feel good about attractive person, enjoy his/her company, and get popularity in the society. One more variable in loving and liking is the Similarity, which means we like those who like us, if we have similar external, internal and social status attributes then there is a strong chance of becoming strong relationship among the individuals because similarity makes things easy in terms of perceiving different attributes like social actions, social position, personal choices, religious activities, political orientation etc. The similarity in social status also leads towards to maintain close relations long lasting because of having balance in socio-economic expectations.Proximity: Healthy contact between partners also play a vital part to create a strong base of strong relationships, couple should now each other and have the exposure of each other’s personality.

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