Simple living, High thinking

(Umme Farwa, Karachi)

Unlike need,greed has no limit. If one starts chasing one’s unlimited greed, one will never be content.

Every single person in this planet is struggling ti have a content life. Having said that, it is a belief that a simple formula to have a happy life, is to live simple yet think high at the same time. Simple thinking is an outcome of high thinking and the real happiness resides in thinking high and living simple. Living in a society based on standards has never been a piece of cake. People living luxurious lives would have their own problems regarding many aspects of their lives,they would still have to go through alot in order to meet the so called standards made by the society and by doing so, they might leave the happiness which they can have while living a simple life.And the biggest irony is that people would still raise fingers on them because thats what happens when we do something that please people or the society rather than God.This never ending quest of living luxurious life would bring out other dreadful threats to society and the poeple living within. Problems like class difference, discrimination, inequality can raise which would consequently lead to the destruction of the harmony amd peace in our society.
On the other hand, people living a simple life would worry less of what society thinks of their social appearance and integration because for them , there is something more potent and high than this low thinking of meeting the standards of society.Thus, such people live happily and carefree life. People with such a life style and minds worry less about their own life problems because they feel themselves blessed for whatever they have and show gratitude towards everything they have or they go through. Their goal is to eradicate the ills of society.society itself is nothing it is us who make society and their values.therefore it is better to do somethinh that would bring the good in society and other would also get inspired fron that nd might still follow the same path..

Simple living is not just about having simple inexpensive dresses and stuff in ones wardrobe or reducing ones possession but what it actually focuses on is ones pattern of thinking and their ideology about life. As a person starts living simple life the person starts thinking differently from others, their perspective about life changes because their focus becomes less on things and more on the track of success. There is a term use for simple living called minimalism and the person living the simple life is known as minimalist. Minimalism is actually one of the secrets of success. In my eyes, minimalists are enlightened individuals who want to get the most out of life. Life as a minimalist is actually easier in many ways. It keeps ones focus away from all kinds of distractions and their focus on their goals become more clear.

The best example of simple living and high thinking is the life style of Edhi(Late), Chhipa, Adeeb Rizvi. The way they have developed such a huge welfare organisations is mind blowing which is also benefitting society. Their work has made a huge difference in our society in shape of helpong the needy ones. Such philanthropist have recognized themselves not merely in our country but across the world.

As far as I have observed, our society is actually surrounded with many distractions including shopping ,brands ,outings ,latest gadgets ,crappy novels ,movies ,status competition ,events and many more. People have distracted themselves with such things and leading their lives to destruction. Such living patterns causes society to remain static. No change can be seen in such societies where people’s inclination is more towards their status and social accounts than people around them who are in need and ongoing social issues. If we think for a while about the pattern of simple living and high thinking,the only key that makes a person to live a physically and mentally healthy life is simple living and high thinking.

Todays youth is distracted by so many things that they do not realize their powers. They are wasting their productive lives and rich minds in useless entertainments. The focus of our youth should be on what they can GAIN by letting go of the things that don’t bring value to their lives but only distractions and disappointments. Intellectually, they are dwarfs. The idea of the topic is that much compelling that if someone gets to learn the actual meaning of living such a lifestyle, they would try their hard and best to live with that lifestyle and wont be stopped by any hurdle. Most likely, this world would be much more peaceful, more community-oriented, less damaging to the environment, and, most importantly, happier if we understand the art of simple living.

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